Procedure to become a migrant worker:

  1. Register at the Regional Office of Manpower and Transmigration Department
  2. Bring all original documents (Do not use documents that have been forged, especially if the age, address, etc. is false)
  3. Follow the selection process (administrative & interview)
  4. Do a medical check up for physical and mental health
  5. Make a passport at the local Immigration Office
  6. For the informal sector, participate in training at the Overseas Training Center (BLKLN) for 200 - 600 hours or 20 - 60 days, depending on the country of placement
  7. Record your e-KTKLN (electronic Overseas Worker Card) Sending agencies can help facilitate this process, but the prospective migrant worker must be present for fingerprint scanning
  8. Have a Work visa issued
  9. Sign the work contract. Make sure to read it carefully and understand it!
  10. Participate in the insurance program
  11. Participate in the Pre-departure Briefing from the Agency for the Service, Placement, and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (BP3TKI) 


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